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Cocktail Delivery Kits For The Ultimate Night In

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A cocktail bar. Minus all the strangers.

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If two of the main things you missed through lockdown were a) a well-mixed drink and b) the glamour of cocktail evenings, things are looking up. Not only are cocktail bars back on the agenda, but thanks to lockdown entrepreneurship, we can now enjoy the perfect premixed cocktail from the comfort of our own home. We’ve rounded up the best cocktail delivery kits and pre-mixed cocktails to order now. Dial up your dinner parties with these cocktail kits, whether you’re after the perfect espresso martini or a tip-top G&T, get the best cocktails in the UK, to go. 

The Best Cocktail Delivery Kits & Pre-made Cocktails To Order

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Batch & Bottle bottled cocktails

Batch & Bottle Bottled Cocktails, from £25,

Premium pre-batched, ready-to-pour cocktails for the ultimate at-home cocktail night.

Dima’s Dirty Fig Martini

Dima’s Dirty Fig Martini, £15,

Premixed Dima’s vodka cocktails your friends will rave about.

The LAIBA Gift Set

The LAIBA Gift Set, £59,

Eight classic cocktails beautifully mixed and ready to gift (or enjoy yourself).

STIR UP Picante Kit

STIR UP Picante Kit, membership from £29.95 a month



Henrietta Hotel Cognac Club

Henrietta Cognac Club and Experimental Masterclasses Club, from £35 per month.;


Ms Belle Livingstone’s The Extraordinary Jazz Age Cocktail Kit

Ms Belle Livingstone’s The Extraordinary Jazz Age Cocktail Kit, £99.99,

Drinksfusion Nordic Negroni

Drinksfusion The Nordic Negroni Box, £125,

NIO Cocktails Negroni

NIO Cocktails Negroni, from £19.50,

Elyx Copper Deluxe Martini Set

Absolut Elyx Copper Deluxe Martini Set, £199,

The Cocktail Delivery Company Rhubarb Gimlet

The Cocktail Delivery Company Rhubarb Gimlet, from £12.99,

Moore House Cocktail Company

Make Your Own Collection, £29,

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