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Nina Campbell
The interior design doyenne celebrates 50 years

Nina Campbell is one of the country’s most respected and influential interior designers with a roll call of clients that include the rich, the famous and the royal. Her first job with the General Trading Company ignited a passion for china, glass and accessories; this was followed by a stint worked as an assistant to John Fowler at Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler. A hugely pivotal moment for Nina’s career, she was fully immersed in English interior design and soon became known for her unmistakeably rich and elegant colour palette.


A few years later, she left to work on her own before meeting Mark Birley who had set up Annabel’s in 1963. He asked her to make a few decorative changes which led to her designing Mark’s Club and a long friendship and working relationship soon formed. The pair opened a shop together, Campbell & Birley, which specialised in ‘unashamed luxury’ – wonderful items found on their travels that weren’t available in the UK.



‘There have been so many changes in the industry over the last 50 years but the one thing that remains important to me is that quality and craftsmanship remains’

Nina’s career went from strength to strength. In 1972, she set up her own business, Nina Campbell Ltd, where one of her first commissions was to decorate the monumental Cullen House in Banffshire, Scotland. Then, in 1984, she opened her shop and design studio in London’s Knightsbridge. Here, she continued with her fabric printing and expanded her business into the wider decorative arena, designing everything from matchboxes to bespoke furniture. In the late 1980s, she formed a license with


Osborne & Little that to this day remains a wonderful collaboration producing annual fabric, wallpaper and trimmings collections. The interior design department has become a truly global business working on a number of exciting projects both in the UK and abroad, residential and commercial, all with Nina at the helm. There are a number of interesting and exciting projects far and wide currently in motion.


The retail side of the business is run with Nina by two of her children, Max and Alice. This is all run from the Walton Street shop, the true home of Nina Campbell. Here, she continues to sell home accessories and gifts; some of which are designed by Nina, others she has curated and sourced. From the much-loved china and glassware to table linens, home fragrance, desk accessories, photograph frames, wash bags, jewellery boxes, Walton Street is a treasure trove of beautiful things.


In 2010, Nina’s furniture collection was launched and what started as a small offering is now a full-scale range of upholstery, metal furniture, wooden furniture and lighting. Often inspired by an antique or something she has inherited or found, pieces are adapted and re-designed by Nina and always display a fine attention to detail as well as a sense of fun or the unexpected. All furniture is made in England by the finest craftsmen, something Nina is truly passionate about.


‘It is incredibly exciting to be reaching our 50th anniversary,’ reflects Nina. ‘There have been so many changes in the industry over the last 50 years but the one thing that remains important to me is that quality and craftsmanship remains. We have so many exciting things happening both now and in the future and I am incredibly grateful for the unwavering support throughout my career so far.’

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