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A second decade heralds global launches and expansion into America

A highly creative studio renowned for its focus on the super-prime residential market, Martin Kemp Design (MKD) also works across interiors, developments, architecture, yachts, private jets and furniture. Now approaching its tenth year, the studio continues to discreetly grow, cementing its reputation for refinement and exclusivity within the global interior design industry. Led by Martin, the company delivers the very best schemes without fuss while guarding its client confidentiality in the most loyal manner. These qualities, together with the expert personable team, have ensured that it remains in demand by the world’s elite.


A favourite with aspirational clients who seek an extraordinary level of sophistication and finish, MKD takes a versatile approach to design. The studio embraces any vernacular from classic to ultra-modern, country-rustic to dynamic city, floral to geometric: the only limit is how far a client is keen to explore. Whether someone is seeking the full restoration of a traditional mansion in London or the creation of a contemporary penthouse in New York, MKD lends each commission with its trademark flair, to find the right solution for each project.



‘We look at the lifestyle of each individual very   carefully, noting their personal taste, whether   they are left or right-handed, their colour sensivities and so forth’

‘We look at the lifestyle of each individual very carefully, noting their personal taste; whether they are left or right-handed, their colour sensitivities and so forth, all of which lend an added dimension to our work,’ says Martin. ‘Couple this with a level of detail seldom seen and I hope we exceed expectations.’ With a skilled team of designers, each project is perfectly honed to satisfy the most demanding of briefs, with the majority of the interior design being custom-made. Furnishings are often entirely bespoke; carpets and textiles are woven to unique designs; and items sourced from the most exclusive international suppliers.


Locations are as varied as the projects themselves, with private houses, estates and residential developments ranging from the world’s most major cities (Paris, Los Angeles, Beijing, Mumbai et al) to ocean and mountain idylls (Nassau, St.Tropez, Gstaad). In each, the studio is unfaltering in its approach: challenging and refining architecture, carefully matching fabrics with marble, or wood with verre-eglomise and installing intriguing and beautiful lighting. The studio regularly collaborates with key consultants, from architects to engineers, cabinet-makers to embroiderers, all of whom are regarded as the best in their field.




With such a global reputation it’s no surprise that MKD has attracted several product collaborations, notably with THG Paris where the Corvair range of sanitaryware is now available, commissioned exclusively through MKD. Other partnerships are soon to follow, including luxury homeware with an emphasis on ethics which will further define the business as a ‘thinking brand’ synonymous with sensitivity and vision. Rolls Royce has requested exclusivity on a piece of furniture which is soon to go into their new Mayfair showroom, such is the growing perception of MKD as an important studio for partnership.


Despite the glamour of this fascinating world, Martin and the team retain a humble, welcoming charm, always remaining discreet, flexible, and eminently approachable. ‘We challenge a client’s brief and encourage exploration, so the results we bring are often unexpected and always special,’ he concludes.

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