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Approachable yet thought-provoking spaces that are totally unique

Over the last 18 years, Lawson Robb has been fortunate to design beautiful interiors and exceptional spaces worldwide. From private apartments and townhouses to superyachts, luxury villas and hotels abroad, nothing is impossible for the design team. Under the new direction of creative leads George Wolstenholme and Lena Cottray, the company’s mission is to continue delivering the unexpected and unconventional, producing spaces like no other.


Design for Lawson Robb means extracting the DNA of an idea and seeing what can be developed from it. Each project has its own story to tell and it is this one-of-a-kind identity that sets it apart from the rest. The creative duo’s schemes never merge into the uniformity of today’s trends but relate back to Lawson Robb 29 Milner Street London SW3 2QD +44 (0)20 7351 9383 lawson_robb the studio’s key principle: to design with an atemporal, considered and curatorial style. It stands, whether it is chimes of heritage or timelessness that are required, or whether a more futuristic and innovative scheme is what’s called for. Lawson Robb’s style is a moving part, it’s constantly evolving, and the objective is to create approachable yet thought-provoking spaces that are totally unique to the client. It is this that accounts for the studio’s success: ‘Good interior design is more than the way things look, it is about how the space is to be used, the person who inhabits it and enhancing the environment,’ says George.

The company’s mission is to continue delivering the unexpected and unconventional, producing spaces like no other

With a master’s in yacht design and a total of ten years of experience working internationally in superyachts, ultra-prime residential properties and bespoke furniture design, George Wolstenholme’s expertise is in the details and the art of the bespoke, designing complex and strikingly beautiful creations.


Complementing him, design partner Lena Cottray brings a wealth of expertise from her years working in the high-end hospitality and residential sector. Her career started in the art world where she specialised in modern masters. Contemporary artists fed her passion and innate eye for art, something which is ultimately translated into her curated designs.


The two began collaborating three years ago. Since, they have gone on to undertake various largescale projects around the world, most notably the eminent launch of their project with the superyacht Phi (below left), a groundbreaking 58.5m sub 500GT vessel that was designed in collaboration with Royal Huisman, Cor D Rover and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. The exterior details of Phi have been released, but the interiors remain under wraps until its final launch towards the end of the year.

Another project that was recently completed was the renovation of a Grade II-listed townhouse in Little Venice for discerning clients wanting to retain the heritage of the building, while elevating it with clean, contemporary and bespoke details that align with and function alongside their lifestyle. There was also the opportunity to design Lawson Robb’s first piece for the Allect Design Group’s new bespoke furniture brand, Unknown Editions.

George and Lena take inspiration from the new ideals of luxury that they are seeing emerge from their clients and translate it into the design schemes of Lawson Robb. ‘Alongside this we are continuously inspired by various curiosities in the design world from the new and exciting, to the work of classic design masters,’ sums up Lena.

Lawson Robb 29 Milner Street, London, SW3 2QD +44 (0)20 7351 9383

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