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Driven by a desire to combine the rigours of her architectural training with creative flair, Charu Gandhi set up multidisciplinary design studio Elicyon in 2014. Since then, the Kensington-based practice has designed some of the finest London townhouses, remote spa villas, country residences, penthouses and hotels across the globe for its high net-worth roll call of clients. Today, together with Creative Director Cecilia Halling and Projects Director David Harris, Charu leads a team of experienced designers, architects and project managers.


The studio relishes the chance to delve into the heart of each brief, establishing a personalised design language that is appropriate to the client, project, location, architecture and history of a building. ‘Our process as a team is journey-based and one we are constantly refining depending on the brief and the overall concept,’ says Charu. ‘We want each client to fall in love with design, with craft, and to have a sense of self-discovery.’ In 2020, the studio installed an impressive 11 projects, deftly overcoming the numerous challenges presented during the Covid-19 pandemic. As the home becomes an ever more important haven, the team is working in collaboration with a growing roster of clients to design their dream spaces.

As a studio, we are focussing on natural materials such as linen, wool, rattan and light blonde timbers


Elicyon’s vision is inspired by the story of the property and those who occupy it, believing that above all, a design must be authentic to the client. With the aim of creating what Charu describes as ‘exquisite interior couture’, the studio delivers schemes that speak to an individual’s aspirations for their home. Full of personality, each one evokes a very particular feeling that is fitting to the space. Having worked with clients from every continent, Charu has learnt to combine her knowledge and understanding of various cultural needs with specific interior tastes.


One current trend the studio is witnessing is an increase in informal layouts, with people moving away from traditional entertaining or dining spaces in favour of more laid-back living arrangements. Here, curved, sculptural furniture can work particularly well. ‘Sculptural furniture helps break up a space and create a more fluid ambience,’ confirms Charu. ‘We’re using a lot of textured fabrics such as suede, wool and bouclé for our upholstery and these lend themselves to rounder, softer pieces. It’s all about placement too: a curved sofa for example, can draw the eye to a particular view.’

Charu is also finding that the move away from silk and sheen-textured fabrics continues. ‘As a studio we are focusing on natural materials such as linen, wool, rattan and light blonde timbers,’ she continues. ‘Also, a lot of clients are in favour of new neutrals, so these feature heavily on our mood boards. We typically start with a fairly muted ivory base and then add a scattering of additional tones which might include rust, pink, beige, mustard, terracotta or burnt orange.’

A bolder approach is being seen when it comes to pattern with skilfully clashing prints and geometric monochrome styles becoming more widely used, and contrasting scale featuring across wallpapers and upholstery. ‘Something else I think is special is the element of surprise. For example, a piece of furniture may appear formal on the outside but have a pop of colour on the inside as a wow factor,’ she concludes. ‘It’s important as a designer to be playful and push the boundaries so clients can enjoy those unique moments in their homes.’

Elicyon First Floor, Avon House, Avonmore Road, Kensington Village, London, W14 8TS +44 (0)20 3772 0011

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